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About dogwalk

dogwalk has been caring for the beloved dogs and cats (and the occasional guinea pig, gerbil, bunny and chicken!) of central Durham since 2003. We take pride in bringing together the best team of dogwalkers/pet sitters around to meet the needs of our varied clients. Our entire team is bonded and insured and we keep background checks (passing ones, of course) on file for each sitter. We take the individual needs of each client into consideration to offer the best service. We look forward to hearing from you!

dogwalk has felt the effects of the pandemic and subsequent global labor shortage in a hard way, and thus starting the summer of 2022 we have had to greatly reduce the services we offer. For the time being, we are offering Monday – Friday mid-day dogwalking services, only.  This was a hard decision to make, but was ultimately the only thing we could do in good faith to ensure that the services we do provide continue to be reliable and of the high caliber you have come to expect (and we have always agreed to provide!) from dogwalk. We’re grateful for the understanding and continued support of our incredible foundation of clients.


Beth Bakke, owner

(any pronouns respectfully)

favorite place? the ocean
favorite food? potatoes
favorite method of eating potatoes?
cooked – but mostly french fries
if you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be? fridge – to keep it all cool

I adore my job, pet sitting seems perfect for a person such as me – what with my delightfully short attention span and a love for creatures with furry faces and soft eyes.

I was born in Michigan but found my way home to NC after graduating from Antioch college in Ohio in 1993. I started in Wilmington, then Durham, then Chapel Hill and back to Durham in 2003.

In late 2002 I started to feel there was something else out there – then it hit me. I was to be a walker of dogs and a friend to the felines, becoming co-founder of dogwalk in October of 2003. And here I am today – still in love with the dogs and cats of Durham – still in love with walking the streets with my charges – making fantastic connections as I go.

At home I live with my ladyfriend, Amy, and our dog and 3 cats – Jackson Lucille (of course she has her own insta), Kitten, PamPam, and JoyBird. We also foster cats!  You can follow our fostering adventures here.

I totally dig bodyboarding, answering Friends trivia questions, and growing potatoes.

Lauren (she/her)

Favorite food? Chocolate

Favorite method of eating potatoes? French fries

Most influential pet? My foster fail, Dodie. She’s the love of my life

What inspires you? Nature

Favorite season? Fall

Favorite animal besides cat or dog? Snakes!

Glen (she/her)

what do you like to do when you are not working? I like to attend metal and rock concerts with friends or, if I’m having a quiet night in, I also like to watch various horror movies good or hilariously bad! An all time favorite is ‘Jeepers Creepers’.

favorite place? along the water at Lake Gaston. My family and I spent much time there over many summers and it still holds precious memories for me. It continues to be the ideal place for me to get away and unplug for a relaxing getaway!

favorite pet name? Pet names that never fail to entertain or crack me up are ones influenced by food. I also tip my hat to those named after favorite characters or artists.

favorite season? Autumn! You still have fairly warm days but can unwind in a cooler evening. I have fun walking through the crunchy leaves on the ground as well as enjoying the color that is suddenly added to the scenery around you. It’s a very cozy time of the year for me.

favorite animal other than dog or cat? I especially love Orcas and find them absolutely fascinating! I first learned about them finding information for a second grade project and fell in love. They’re very clever and deadly predators. I recently learned that they can take down Great White Sharks.

Stacy (she/her)

what do you like to do when you are not working? I love playing in the dirt. My husband and I have a large garden and a tiny orchard. We also have 13 backyard layer hens that provide our egg “crop.”

favorite food? ALL THINGS EDIBLE. I have quite the diverse palate and will try just about anything.

favorite method of eating potatoes? I love a traditional baked potato, though I often crave thick cut oven fries dipped in HP sauce. Not the American version of HP Sauce; it has to be the real deal Canadian HP Sauce.

favorite movie or book? I’m a big fantasy novel fan. I loved reading Tolkien, Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice novels, (of course) all things Harry Potter, and The Watchmen.

what would you do if you knew you would not fail? I would become fluent in multiple languages, starting with ASL and Spanish.

ocean or mountains? Both! Where the ocean meets the mountains is true paradise.

favorite season? I prefer the respite seasons: Spring and Autumn. Each provides a much needed respite from the extremes of Winter and Summer.

what dog breed are you? Pitbull: short haired, heat intolerant, VERY food motivated, goofy, smiley, simultaneously super chill and excitable.

Neshama (they/them)

When I’m not working, I like to read mystery novels, listen to queer comedy podcasts and dance wildly in the car with my kid.

My favorite place to be is New York City – I feel so filled up by the gorgeous chaos and relish in the queerness & Jewishness that permeates the city.

My favorite book is Beyond the Pale by Elana Dykewomon (truly) – it’s a historical fiction novel that follows two cousins who flee from Ukraine to the Lower East Side at the turn of the 20th century, and is a heartbreaking story about their love and struggles as poor Jewish immigrants.

Just to stay on brand, my fave method of eating potatoes is latkes – I’m not very good at making them but I love a perfectly crisp latke topped with applesauce and yogurt.

I’ve lived in many places, growing up in both Washington DC & rural North Carolina, and I’ve lived in Brooklyn, San Francisco, Boston and Atlanta before returning to Durham in 2020.

My favorite food hands down is a pickle – I can demolish an entire jar of pickles in one sitting. I love trying pickles from different parts of the world and have a strong preference for salty & sour over sweet.

EM (they/him)

what do you like to do when you are not working?
i love to make art, garden, read, cook & eat good food, hang out and ponder with friends, be outside, and hike around the woods with my dogs!

favorite animal other than dog or cat?
i love horses, all farm animals, and birbs!

what dog breed are you?
a spunky kelpie/cattle dog

what’s your favorite grocery store isle?
snack isle and produce section 🤩

Nikki (she/her)

where have you lived? Germany, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, California, The Netherlands

favorite season? Fall-cooler weather, colorful trees, fire pits etc..

favorite holiday? halloween-you can be anything you want

Who was your most influential pet? My parents’ current dog, Kyah, is a boxer bulldog. I refer to her as my sister, she is the best wing woman.

favorite movie or book? The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be? Turkey Baster

Walk with dogwalk!

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