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“From within 30 seconds of meeting her, my dog Rooney fell deeply in love with Beth. It is very comforting to know my dog is truly enjoying his time with his new friend on his walks [he can be a bit of a worrier] and that I know he is in safe hands with a true dog whisperer. Beth is a gem.” ~Rooney’s Mom


“Dogwalk is simply the best! Beth and the “dogwalkers” have been part of our lives and family for over 10 years. Everyone who works there is reliable, responsible, and loving. Your pets will love them. You can’t do better!” ~Sadie’s People


“Why use Dogwalk? Dedication, reliability, flexibility, and charm. When I looked for care for my [human] kids long ago, I looked for people who could offer them something different and maybe even better than what I had up my sleeve—and were impeccably trustworthy. I feel the same way about Dogwalk. I know that Beth and her select team of walkers will care for and enjoy my pup in ways I sometimes just can’t. When my pup comes in from romps with her Dogwalk pals, she seems full of stories to tell! I could be jealous . . . but I really am just super happy for both of us—and deeply grateful that I have folks in my life to whom I can so easily entrust my pup, especially in tough times.” ~Sukha’s Mom


“dogwalk is not just for dogs. Felines, Clover and Hazel, look forward to visits from dogwalk, and detailed notes written by care providers prove that dogwalk really gets to know the “inner cat.” We have been using dogwalk for years to care for our beloved cats when we are away and have always been 100% happy.” ~Clover & Hazel’s People


Oscar & Bruno

“Dogwalk has been taking care of our boxers for over 10 years. My husband and I both travel for work (often unexpectedly), and we can always count on Beth and her team to take care of our 4-legged kids. The entire Dogwalk team has always been very loving to our dogs, and very considerate of our home and crazy schedule. I feel like my dogs, my home, and my family are in the best hands with Dogwalk. Dogwalk is a part of our family – we couldn’t live our crazy lives without them. And they leave the funniest notes…” ~ Archie & Lou (and the late Oscar & Bruno)’s People

Archie & Lou


“I travel for work and start to miss Marky the cat before I leave the house. Knowing that the caring, responsible and fun folks from Dogwalk are on the job gives me peace of mind and makes Marky purr.” ~Marky’s Mom


“dogwalk is my go to service when I reluctantly have to leave my Georgia Girl at home for a few days. I like being able to easily reserve walks online through their intuitive web page. More importantly I feel confident my canine kid is being well cared for while I am away. I love dogwalk!” ~ Georgia (the good girl)’s Papa